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The busy wedding photographer's guide to shooting weddings, delighting clients, & offering an experience that your clients love and share.

Have you ever wanted to be my second shooter?
Maybe you've wondered how your business would TRANSFORM if you could just watch a seasoned pro handle a real wedding day.
Or maybe the better question is this...How would your business look, feel, and be different if you had 100% confidence in your wedding photography?
PICTURE IT. Because that's what the The Wedding Day Course is all about.

Real Wedding day Course

Welcome to the 

Watch Julie shoot a real, live wedding from beginning to end!

"Exactly where do I begin other than this course is PHENOMENAL. Honestly the BEST online course I've ever invested in! I not only see a difference in the flow of my day & my work but the bookings on my calendar show it was a smart investment."

Struggling with consistency in your work. 
Overwhelmed by the pressure of wedding photography. 
Discouraged by the lack of growth in your business.
Tired of not having an organized system for your wedding workflow. 
Insecure about the quality of your work. 

Sound Like YOU?

Does this

Module 1-3: Introduction, Wedding Day Prep, What's In My Bag.

Module 4-6: Shooting The Details, Getting Ready, and The First Look. 

Module 7-11: Bride and Groom, The Bridesmaids, The Groomsmen, The Wedding Party, and The Family Formals

Module 12-13: The Ceremony and The Reception 

Module 14-15:
When to use Film and Digital and Post Production. 

Module 16-17: Thoughts From The Happy Couples and Final Thoughts

Access to the Wedding Day Course Facebook Group.

Downloadable PDF's To Compliment The Modules.

Here's Whats Inside:

SOMETHING has to change. Competition is fierce and you can't afford to provide your clients with anything but an amazing experience. 

I've taught 100+  workshops and educated 1000+ photographers!

I've been featured on the cover of People Magazine. Yup, a dream come true!

Over the years my pricing has increased from 1k to 15k per wedding. 

Here's the path to success is no secret. The truth is, I'm just a girl from a little town who put my head down, did the hard work, and implemented systems into my business that attracted (and continue to attract) the right people. After offering workshops for YEARS, I'm so excited for you to be able to experience all this knowledge from the comfort of your home! Let's be friends, okay?! I'm your biggest cheerleader. 

When I quit my teaching job I could have never imagined the business I would create: from traveling the world, to photographing celebrities, to booking weddings at luxury prices...this "job" is a dream and I want the same success for YOU.

I'm a small town girl (+ former teacher) who created a thriving photography business From scratch.

Hi, I'm Julie!



You'll receive access to "The Real Wedding Day Course", a downloadable workbook to accompany the course, and access to the Real Wedding Day Facebook Group!


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My in-person photography workshops alone sell for $25oo.  This online experience is a $5000+ value! Don't miss out on this AMAZING deal! 

but don't just take my word for it!

— Allison

"I have attended many photography workshops, but Julie’s was one of my favorites. Not only is she a rockstar photographer and teacher, but her personality is like a warm hug. Before I went to her workshop the average my brides spent was around $5k. After Julie’s workshop and pricing tips my average is now $7500 and I just booked a $14000 wedding! I didn’t even think it was possible!  And her workshop isn’t just for film photographers. I’m a digital-only shooter and I learned a ton!”

"I just booked a 14k wedding, I didn't even think it was possible!"

— Lindsay

"Where to even begin! Julie's workshop totally transformed my business. Two key takeaways for me were pricing structure and outsourcing editing --I have gotten so much of my time back because of Julie's workshop. Not to mention, she is a wonderful person who wants to see others succeed in this industry. I cannot say enough about Julie and her workshop -- attending her workshop was one of the best things I have ever done for my business!"

"Julie's workshop totally transformed my business!"

— Alisha

Julie is one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met. She was also an amazing educator and really poured every bit of herself into teaching and encouraging. She helped me to see the value of my work and to put so many of my fears and concerns to rest. Because of her and the workshop experience, I feel more confident in myself, in my work, and in my worth as a photographer. If you have the opportunity to take an online course from Julie... DO NOT hesitate! It WILL make a difference!" 

"I feel more confident in myself, my work, and my worth as a photographer."